Cleaner and Degreasers

ALUMINUM CLEANER - Specially formulated for fast and effective removal of oxidation and corrosion from aluminum surfaces. Cleans and brightens trailers, trucks, buses, automotive and transportation equipment. Brush or spray solution on area to be cleaned by diluting 5:1.

BLUE MAGIC - This multipurpose water-soluble cleaner degreaser is effective on floors, tile, glass, furniture, vehicles & aircraft. Dilutes up to 180:1

GLASS CLEANER RTU - A ready to use glass cleaner. No mixing just spray on and wipe off. It will clean glass and other hard surfaces. It is manufactured in a de-ionized system with Isopropyl Alcohol to assure no streaking or film.

GRIME-X - A water soluble degreaser that is especially effective in cleaning greasy machinery and parts; flues and canopy ducts over ovens; air conditioners, and air filters; “road tar” and exhaust stains on vehicles and motorized equipment. Low foaming, non-flammable and safe on painted surfaces.

NB-350 ALL PURPOSE CLEANER - This non butyl environmentally safe, biodegradable product will provide superior cleaning performance over a wide range of applications. Dilutes up to 50:1.

POWER WASH - Concentrated liquid compound especially formulated for cleaning all motorized vehicles and equipment with any type of spray washer. Power Wash has good sudsing action and rinses off without streaking or spotting.

STEAM CLEANER - A premium steam soap that can be diluted at a ratio of 100:1 with water. It is a concentrated blend of water conditioners, emulsifiers and wetting agents that allow this product to be tough on grease and grime yet mild enough not to attack aluminum or painted surfaces. Its special agents help de-scale machines while in use.

SUPER BUTYL - Removes grease, oil, wax, gum, dye, light carbon etc. Phosphate and NTA free. Completely non-flammable, rust inhibited and contains no acids. Quickly activates in hot or cold, hard or soft water and is free rinsing. Spray it on, brush it on, mop it on, or use it in dip tanks. Can be diluted at a ratio of 100:1 with water.

TACKLE GTX - This is a unique cleaner predominately derived from natural sources. It contains no petroleum hydrocarbons, distillates or harsh solvents, making it environmentally safe. This powerful cleaner will remove grease, grime, oil and tar. It has a pleasant citrus scent and is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-staining and non-polluting. Dilute 50:1

WASH-N-WAX - Another unique blend of cleaner and wax in concentrated form for washing and waxing all types of vehicles with painted surfaces.