SUPER DIGEST - Contains 20 billion per gram. The specific bacteria chosen will digest protein, starch, fat and cellulose when activated in water.

LIFT STATION DEGREASER - This citrus-based solvent is designed to keep grease from accumulating in wetwells of sewage liftstations. It will float to the surface after the pumps go on and off.  Thus preventing surface grease from forming.

SEWER CLEAN 350 - A granular material, when poured into a pipe or pit that is clogged with grease, will heat up to 350 degrees and liquefy any hardened greases it comes into contact with. Contains a fluorescent dye for tracing.

RED STREAK - A non-acid product used to dissolve all cellulose materials such as tree roots and paper. Its caustic base is excellent for cutting through grease deposits in sewer pipes. It will not generate dangerous fumes.

PLUG AWAY - A granular caustic material that when poured into a sewer pipe will clean grease and slime from the pipe. Thus eliminating the source of hydrogen sulfide odors.

TACKLE GTX - A fully biodegradable citrus based cleaner. Its unique cleaning system will remove grease, tar and grime like no other cleaner.