Golden Bio Extra

*GOLDEN BIO EXTRA is a liquid, commercially concentrated bacterial suspension and adjunct.  This safe highly concentrated liquid suspension is designed to provide the needed nutrients that natural occurring bacteria need to continue their bio-mediation action within a closed system such as a grease interceptor, lift station, or forced main. 

*GOLDEN BIO EXTRA  retards septicity and promotes bio-oxidation of Hydrogen Sulfide and other organic odors.

*GOLDEN BIO EXTRA provides an exceptionally attractive environment for bacteria to remain in a high metabolic state that will easily mitigate grease, fats and oils found in grease traps, lift stations and forced mains

 GOLDEN BIO EXTRA is SAFER and MORE cost effective than other liquid treatments such as:

*Sodium Hydroxide
*Sodium Hypochlorite
*Sodium Permanganate
*Chlorine Gas (Cl2)


*Controls H2S Levels
*Is a Nonhazardous material
*Is delivered through a simple feed system
*Is effective for long duration control
*Allows for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) reduction