Roach Control: INSECTA




Insecta - Your solution to the nasty problem of roaches in your sewer manholes.

For the last several decades, insect pests have been destroyed by use of a frequent repeat applications of chemical insecticides. While these chemicals are regulated by the EPA and are administered in accordance with strict governmental guidelines, over the course of time, homes and other buildings have been saturated with pesticides. Because those chemicals evaporate and get washed away, reapplication was a constant necessity.

 The innovative chemists at Insecta found a better way! They developed a patented method of locking the chemical into a non-evaporating latex coating that would last several times longer than conventional spray applications, giving the product the unique ability to kill roaches for two years - GUARANTEED!

For Cities, INSECTA is a safe and efficient way to save money, time and manpower keeping sewer manholes free of roaches. INSECTA kills roaches that carry disease-causing agents like ecoli, salmonella and hepatitis reducing the health threat to both city employees and customers.

Our crews will come to your city and apply the INSECTA product to each of your sewer manholes. They will apply a coat of INSECTA to the inside surface of the manhole shaft up to 8 feet deep using approximately 3 pints per manhole. Leaving your sewer manholes brighter, cleaner and more sanitary because you no longer have disease-causing roaches crawling around your sewer manholes.