Scope of Work

Golden Bell Products to provide all labor, material and supplies required to coat sanitary sewer manholes with INSECTA, insecticidal latex coating for sewer roach control.

Golden Bell Products to perform the following items:
  • Apply an approved product for sewer roach control application in sanitary manholes.
  • Treat to depth of eight (8) feet or less, with an approximate area of 100 square feet per manhole.
  • Will prepare and treat according to manufacturers' specifications for preparation instructions.
  • Apply coating based on the manufacturers recommended label rates, five (5) manholes per gallon, not to exceed three (3) pints per manhole.
  • Mark each manhole cover with an identifying white dot after being treated.
  • Provide proper supervision at the job site during all phases of work.
  • Be responsible for coordinating the work to be done.  Work will take place in accessible alleys, yards, parking lots, and streets.
  • Guarantee the application for Two (2) full years from the date of treatment.  If more than 50 living roaches are found in a manhole during the warranty period, the manhole must then be retreated by Golden Bell Products at no additional charge or obligation to Customer.  Golden Bell Products will retreat any manhole which inspections report live roaches after notification; providing more than fifty (50) live roaches are found inside the manhole during two (2) inspections occurring two (2) days apart.*
  • Will report number of manholes treated when submitting billing invoices.  Golden Bell Products will indicate in writing on each quarter section map, the number of manholes, applicators name with the date of completion,  This will serve as the record of application for the necessary Agencies and warranty information.
  • Customer will supply quarter section maps indicating exact locations of manholes.
  • Customer will make accessible all designated manholes to be coated.  If not accessible Golden Bell Products will notify Customer.
  • Customer will provide inspection and assistance where necessary.
  • No more than 60 calendar days will elapse between date of notice to proceed and completion of the application.  A reasonable time for potentially unfavorable weather will be mutually agreed upon by Customer and Golden Bell Products.
  • Requirements may be added or deleted from the above Scope of Work, however these must be agreed upon by both parties prior to the commencement of work.
  • The cost of additional permits and/or licenses, other than those already required by the state, required within city limits to perform work within that city will be assumed by the city.
Golden Bell products will supply all appropriate insurance coverage required by the state licensing agencies to apply roach control product to sewer manholes.

Special Note: Some assistance with traffic control in heavily traveled areas may be required.

*NOTE: The insecticidal-latex coating is not a repellent and therefore, will not repel roaches.  They must rest on it to eliminate them!

*There is a 150 manhole minimum for all jobs.

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