Specialty Products

TWIN POWER- This preventative maintenance product is designed to keep the belts on the belt press from grinding or building up with polymer.  It can be used in concentrations to clean up polymer spills.

RELEASE-IT- Is a high concentrated water based methyl esther release agent that retards asphalt buildup and offers excellent penetrating and cleaning capabilities.

D-CHLOR TABLETS- 81.3% sodium sulfite tablets for removing chlorine from water. (45 lb pails)

POWER WASH - Is a liquid concentrate especially formulated for cleaning cars, trucks and buses manually or with a high-pressure washer. It dilutes 40 : 1 with water.

OXIDATION-X - An acid cleaner that removes rust and scale from metal and concrete surfaces. Excellent for cleaning the ferrous chloride stains on concrete surfaces.

WASH-N-WAX - Another unique blend of cleaner and wax in concentrated form for washing and waxing all types of vehicles with painted surfaces.

GRANULAR CHLORINE - 100 pound drums of 65% active in plastic containers, 99% active Trichlor and chlorine tablets.

HUSKEY LUBRINCANTS - Greases, oils and food grade lubricants with U.S.D.A. and H-1 ratings.

RAP-O - Manhole cover silencer.

SEWER DYE - Fluorescent green tablet and liquid dye.

TERAND AEROSOLS - Any and all maintenance aerosols.