Specialty Products

NITTY GRITTY - A heavy hand cleaner that quickly removes all types of inks, oils, greases, tar and any other difficult to clean soils. Due to it’s unique cleaning action it attacks tough soils, yet will leave your hands soft and with a fresh citrus scent.

PROCOAT - It is specially designed to protect, clean, renew and beautify thousands of items in the work place, office, garage or around the house. It excels as a conditioning treatment for furniture, cabinets luggage and vinyl.

STOP / STOP PADDLES - Hand held paddles for drivers to use during crossing and safety stops. California State compliance in size and type.

TERAND AEROSOLS - Any and all maintenance aerosols

GOOF OFF  - A new trend setting formula that keeps pace with today’s safety and environmental regulations. Its powerful and natural degreasers are ideal in removing most forms of graffiti. It is also excellent for the removal and cleaning of resin, adhesives, printed inks, decals, rubber tire, tar, and asphalt from most surfaces.